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Equine Experience
A perfect opportunity for those who are unfamiliar with, but fascinated by horses to get a close-up, hands-on experience that will be a life-long memory.  You will have the opportunity to meet the Potter's Ranch herd, learn about the mannerisms of the horse and how they communicate, horse behavior, communication and their pecking order.  You'll also get to groom the horse and learn to lead them!  This activity is ideal for kids ages 2 years old to 90!  No riding during the Equine Experience)
Pony Rides (Lead Rides)
For those who are unsure of riding on their own but want to spend time with the horses, we can arrange a special time for you. Riders can enjoy a short ride aboard one of our horses led by a wrangler.  This is an option for riders too young for trail rides.  Children ages 4 and up can enjoy this experience. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 
Arena Rides
Arena Rides are an opportunity to ride in an enclosed arena rather than out on an open trail. Arena rides are limited to walk only and under the supervision of our Ranch Wranglers. Participants will learn basic start, stop and steer of their horse. These are meant as a one-time event for riders more advanced than a lead ride but not ready for an open trail ride, not to take the place of weekly riding lessons.
Trail Rides
Let our wranglers take you on a guided ride through the woodlands and meadows of Potter’s Ranch. Our basic ride includes brief riding instructions and is walk only, geared to the first time or beginner rider. The ride is one (1) hour which includes time to get mounted, receive instruction, ride on the trails and dismount when returned.  

Riding Lessons
We offer the following year round (Scheduled on a weekly basis, same day and time each week).

Learn to ride and care for horses through private or small group lessons. Lessons are taught by a CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) certified instructor. The disciplines offered are:
Hunt Seat
Trail class
Ranch trail riding
Beginner thru Advanced in all disciplines

Horsemanship Day Camps and Field Trips
Let Potter’s Ranch design a unique horse camp experience for your group. We can customize to fit your needs, whether you want the focus on riding, on general horse care and knowledge, or a combination of the two. You also have the option to include other Ranch activities. Length can be from a few hours to a full week, and can run from 9 am to 4 pm each day.
Petting Zoo
Potter’s Ranch BARN YARD Petting Zoo is home to traditional farm animals, including miniature horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep and pot-bellied pigs. In addition to the hands on experiences and personal interaction with the animals, Our BARN YARD Petting Zoo also offers several educational opportunities with Our “Farm Fun Facts Sheets” and “Little Red Barn” BARN YARD Quiz.
With more than 640 acres, including Our Huge outdoor playground w/ tractor tire course, picnic shelters, koi pond, ranch fishing pond and abundant natural wildlife you can add a hike or we can add a hay ride, pony lead ride or pony paint party to your experience to make a Ranch Farm day, you won’t soon forget.
Quality Time Pony Pics- Q.T. Pony Pics
 Q.T. pony pics-allows “You” to Use our miniature Horses for your photo memories, we offer seasonal backdrops, themes and props to complete your Potter’s Ranch experience or celebrate a Holiday, Birthday or Big Event!
Horsemanship Merit Badges
The Horsemanship Merit badge at Potter’s Ranch is one of a kind. At Potter’s Ranch we offer Horsemanship merit badge programs to fit your troop’s adventurous side, whether it’s just badge work sessions you require or a Ranch themed Horsemanship weekend, which includes sleeping in our teepees & covered wagons after a day of riding the trails, learning roping skills, or using a branding iron, we can design a Ranch Adventure your scouts will remember for a life time!
PRRC has assisted children, youth, and adults with a vast array of physical, mental, and emotional challenges to improve their lives through the innate therapeutic qualities of a horse.
The horses’ natural movement engages the human body in a manner that simulates walking.  It is not uncommon that a student who has mobility limitations before riding will show improvements in their ability to ambulate after their lesson due to the improved core strength and flexibility derived from riding their horse.  Whereas physical therapy in a room may be a chore, riding becomes a treat.  Students have an opportunity to work on life skills, concentration, following directions, and working with others through horseback riding skills.  Students are able to progress and increase in their knowledge of horsemanship skills through their participation in lessons.  Students look forward to riding their special four-footed friend and working with their dedicated volunteer each week during their eight week session.
An Equine-assisted activity and therapy program tailored to address specific issues faced by wounded and traumatized military personnel who have served our country. Through this program Potter’s Ranch offers peace, self-confidence and physical benefits without judgement. While also providing a supportive and therapeutic environment for their families and loved ones.
A program that uses interaction with horses to offer Women of all ages an opportunity to restore trust, self-esteem and self-confidence within themselves as they learn both horsemanship skills and unconditional love from our equine. This program also offers a new way for them to connect with themselves, process their emotions and explore behaviors that have become problematic in their day-to-day lives
Equine Assisted Learning is a different approach to facilitating teambuilding, leadership development, and personal growth. Participants engage in a variety of unmounted activities that focus on achieving a goal with a selection of equine companions. Groups use their behavior to manipulate horses through a set of obstacles, allowing them the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their own communication and team dynamics.
Pony Pals is part of PRRC TR lessons in which children can read to their real live “Pony Pals”.  Our Miniature horses Nera & Lux (are full sisters) love to listen as children read in a horse friendly atmosphere in order to improve their reading comprehension and increase their self-esteem in a non-judgmental environment.
A program that Buddies-Up our Barnyard animals with at-risk individuals to learn animal care, herd dynamics as well as experience the responsibilities of Farm Chores. It provides teens with a unique opportunity to learn about themselves and others through caring and interacting with Our Barnyard animals. Upon completion, they process their feelings and recognize behaviors and patterns. They develop leadership and team work skills, and build confidence and healthy attitudes.
S.A.L.T. RIDERS (TR Program)
Our goal in the SALT Riders Program is to improve overall strength, endurance and flexibility. Lessons are focused on partnership with the horse through the use of horsemanship principles, which increases students’ range of motion, endurance and core strength. Our riders spend time grooming and tacking their horses, learning horsemanship, and having great social time with other horse-loving seniors.