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Potter's Ranch has several shooting sports that test your accuracy and skill in the Archery and BB Gun range as well as our popular Paintball courses. No experience is needed so come out and try your shooting skills. Great for youth groups of all kinds, and adults too.
Have you been looking for a place to take your friends or youth group (ages 13+) to play paintball? A place where you don't need to bring anything, you just show up and everything is taken care of for you? Welcome to Potters Ranch Paintball!

We have 3 fields available to choose from, traditional woodsball, woods speedball, and speedball. All of our courses are designed with safety, and the best possible fun in mind.

We take groups from 6 up to 25, so grab some friends or a youth group and come on out!
Price includes 200 paintballs, paintball marker, facemask and CO2.
Additional paint available for purchase.
Must use our paint (liability reasons).
CO2 refills are free.
All groups go through safety briefing.
All games will have a certified ref.
Paintball Courses
Speedball is our obstacle course, considered the standard of paintball. Located on a large open field the bunkers are strategically located for varied strategies and optimum firing positions.
Traditional Woodsball
Traditional Woodsball is well shaded in the woods that was designed by our professional craftsmen with wood bunkers and forts made out of quality material. Perfect for anyone that prefers to be in the woods to play paintball.
Scenario game play, like Capture the Flag, can completely change the tactics and way you play paintball. We have designed many scenarios that can be played on any of our fields and are ready for you to choose from.