Welcome to Eric Mullins
posted by: Aaron Barker
Eric was born & raised in Franklin, OH.  He is a certified CNC machinist and has been until now with his past employer 20 years. His decision to change his career path was not an easy one, the world teaches we are supposed to work are lives away so that we can one day retire. Eric one day asked his wife, “if GOD wanted us to do something else, would you?” Well, that question started their search for God’s plan for their lives; which lead them to Potter’s Ranch.  The interview process was long with a lot of prayers from all involved. But what Eric & his wife realized one day while listening to their pastor’s Sunday Sermon, was God’s timing is perfect. We as humans tend to rush into things or want things to happen yesterday. God uses our wait time to grow us, strengthen us, prepare us, if you will, for what He has in store. Eric joined Potter’s Ranch in August, and currently works in three different departments-Maintenance, Activities & Equine.  On any given day he might work all three on the same day. He is the Trail Boss on trail rides, helps with team building and has increased his painting skills.  Most of he has grown in Christ through Potter’s Ranch and enjoys sharing his love for the Lord with others.  Eric isn’t hard to miss, he is usually the one in the Cowboy hat on horseback greeting guests!

Welcome to the team, Eric!

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