Become a Volunteer
One of the many important things that keeps Potter’s Ranch growing are our volunteers. Each volunteer has helped in many ways and we are truly grateful for their time and effort to make Potter’s Ranch a great experience for all our guests. There are a great many things we do around here to prepare and maintain the facilities that we can find something that can utilize your assistance. For any individuals that would like to volunteer and help the Potter’s Ranch ministry, please fill out the forms on this website for easier processing or call our office at 859-586-5475. If your church group or organization is interested in volunteering your services at Potter’s Ranch, please contact Tony Vornberger, Ranch Director, for more details at Together we can accomplish much. Your help is appreciated.
Who can volunteer?
  • Anyone over the age of 16
  • Anyone with a desire to serve
  • No previous experience required
  • Clean history on background check
  • Step 1: Fill out the required form at the office
  • Step 2: Schedule an introduction meeting
  • Step 3: Be trained on the duties you’re helping volunteer for
  • Step 4: Start serving others in a Christ like manner! (we like to start this way everyday!)
Volunteer Form:
This link will take you to our contact page, where you can let us know you’re interested in volunteering and we can start the process. Thank you!

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